Phonon dispersion in polyinosinic acid.

  title={Phonon dispersion in polyinosinic acid.},
  author={Seema Srivastava and Shinoo Srivastava and Irfan Ali Khan and Mukesh Kumar Pandey and Vishwambhar Dayal Gupta},
  journal={Indian journal of biochemistry & biophysics},
  volume={41 6},
A study of the normal modes of vibration and their dispersion in polyinosinic acid [poly (I)] along the helix axis based on Urey-Bradley force field is reported. It leads to a better interpretation of Raman and FTIR spectra. A comparison of dispersion curves of poly (I) with poly (G) has been made. Characteristic features of dispersion curves, such as regions of high density-of-states, repulsion and character mixing are discussed. Predictive value of heat capacity as a function of temperature… CONTINUE READING

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