Phonon and magnetic dimer excitations in Fe-based S=2 spin ladder compound BaFe2Se2O

  title={Phonon and magnetic dimer excitations in Fe-based S=2 spin ladder compound BaFe2Se2O},
  author={Z. V. Popovi'c and M. vS'cepanovi'c and N. Lazarevi'c and Milovs M. Radonji'c and D. Tanaskovi'c and Hechang Lei and Cedomir Petrovic},
  journal={Physical Review B},
Raman scattering spectra of new Fe-based S=2 spin ladder compound BaFe2Se2O are measured in a temperature range between 15 K and 623 K. All six A1g and two B1g Raman active modes of BaFe2Se2O, predicted by the factor-group analysis, have been experimentally observed at energies that are in a rather good agreement with the lattice dynamics calculation. The antiferromagnetic long-range spin ordering in BaFe2Se2O below TN=240 K leaves a fingerprint both in the A1g and B1g phonon mode linewidth and… Expand
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