Phonological Features of Tone

  title={Phonological Features of Tone},
  author={William S-Y. Wang},
  journal={International Journal of American Linguistics},
  pages={93 - 105}
  • William S-Y. Wang
  • Published 1 April 1967
  • Linguistics
  • International Journal of American Linguistics
1 Versions of this paper have been presented to the linguistic groups at Berkeley, UCLA, and Honolulu. Work discussed in this paper is supported in part by the Office of Naval Research. I am indebted to W. L. Ballard for his assistance in collecting and systematizing the basic data on tone systems upon which the present discussion is based, and for several profitable discussions on matters of interpretation. 

The Lexical Representation of Contour Tones

  • D. Biber
  • Linguistics
    International Journal of American Linguistics
  • 1981
Wang (1967), in the first published attempt to provide distinctive features for tone, explicitly provided for both level tones and contour tones.

Logical and Substantive Scales in Phonology

Logical and Substantive Scales in Phonology by David Roland Mortensen B.A (Utah State University) 2000 M.A. (University of California, Berkeley) 2003 A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment

The Role of L in the Pitch Accent System of Tokyo Japanese

This paper demonstrates how L contributes in two different ways to the pitch pattern of nouns in Tokyo Japanese. First, L functions as a prosodic marker, signalling the left edge of prosodic word


This paper discusses prosodic features in relation to segments established by phonological analysis based on oppositions. Main attention will be paid to the analysis of long vowels äs single segments

The phonetics and phonology of tone mapping in a constraint-based approach

Thesis (Ph. D.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Linguistics and Philosophy, 2003.

Tone Systems in New Guinea

After a short survey of cxisting classificatory Scheines for tonal languages, tonal Information from representative langnages in the New Guinea area is examined, illustrating many ofthe complicated

Peter Ladefoged, Preliminaries to linguistic phonetics. Chicago & London: The University of Chicago Press, 1971. Pp. x + 122.

Misprints are regrettably numerous and it would doubtless have helped many readers had all Greek items been glossed. As the language described is said to be 'spoken by the majority of Greeks today'

Subtonal features in a three-tone language: Evidence from Laal

  • Florian Lionnet
  • Linguistics
    Proceedings of the Annual Meetings on Phonology
  • 2022
In this paper, I provide arguments in favor of subtonal features, with data from Laal, an endangered, three-tone isolate language of southern Chad. I show that a system using the two features [upper]

Phonological Representation of Tone Systems of Some Tone Languages Based on the Command-Response Model for F 0 Contour Generation

After reviewing three traditional approaches to the description of tones and their essential shortcomings in deriving the phonological structure of a tone language, the present paper describes the

Tone circles and chance

As first noticed by Bodman (1955), Southern Min tone sandhi gives rise to the system of alternations among the lexical long tones shown in (1) (using the phonetic tone values found in Chiayi county



Operational phonemics in relation to linguistic relativity

  • Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
  • 1952

The quote is from p

  • 272.
  • 1956

Some questions concerning Miao-Yao tones (in Chinese), Bulletin of the Institute of History and Philology (Academia Sinica

  • 1947