Phoenixin: A Newly Discovered Peptide with Multi-Functions.

  title={Phoenixin: A Newly Discovered Peptide with Multi-Functions.},
  author={Taoyan Yuan and Zhongxin Sun and Wanqiu Zhao and T. Wang and Jufang Zhang and D. Niu},
  journal={Protein and peptide letters},
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Phoenixin (PNX), a newly identified peptide cleaved from the C-terminus of protein C4orf52, mainly exists in two active isoforms, phoenixin-14 (PNX-14) amide and phoenixin-20 (PNX-20) amide that were first isolated from the rat hypothalamus and bovine heart, respectively. Initial studies demonstrated that PNX is a reproductive peptide, which affects the hypothalamus pituitary genital (HPG) axis through regulating the expression of kisspeptin, GnRH, GnRH receptor, LH and oestrus process. However… Expand
Phoenixin-20 (PNX-20) Suppresses Food Intake, Modulates Glucoregulatory Enzymes, and Enhances Glycolysis in Zebrafish.
Phoenixin: a novel brain-gut-skin peptide with multiple bioactivity
Phoenixin-20 suppresses lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammation in dental pulp cells.
Phoenixin 14 inhibits ischemia/reperfusion-induced cytotoxicity in microglia.