Phloroglucinols with prooxidant activity from Garcinia subelliptica.

  title={Phloroglucinols with prooxidant activity from Garcinia subelliptica.},
  author={Chien-Chang Wu and Y Lu and B Wei and S S Yang and Shen-Jen Won and Chun-Nan Lin},
  journal={Journal of natural products},
  volume={71 2},
A new phloroglucinol, garcinielliptone HF ( 1), possessing an unprecedented skeleton, and the tautomeric pair of garcinielliptone FC ( 2/ 2a) were isolated from the heartwood and pericarp of Garcinia subelliptica, respectively. Their structures, including relative configurations, were elucidated by means of spectroscopic methods. The ability of compounds 1 and 2/ 2a to induce DNA-cleavage activity was examined using supercoiled plasmid pBR322 DNA. In the presence of Cu(II), compounds 1 and 2… CONTINUE READING
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