Phloem sap of tomato plants contains a DIR1 putative ortholog.

  title={Phloem sap of tomato plants contains a DIR1 putative ortholog.},
  author={Francesca M Mitton and M L Pinedo and Laura de la Canal},
  journal={Journal of plant physiology},
  volume={166 5},
Arabidopsis thaliana defective in induced resistance 1 (At-DIR1) has been characterized as a protein responsible for the generation or transmission of the still unknown signal involved in systemic acquired resistance. This acidic apoplastic protein is a member of the family of lipid transfer proteins and was detected in vascular fluids. To our knowledge, no DIR1-like protein has been described in other plant species. Hence, we have performed data mining to identify a putative ortholog of DIR1… CONTINUE READING
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