Phloem sap intricacy and interplay with aphid feeding.

  title={Phloem sap intricacy and interplay with aphid feeding.},
  author={Sylvie Dinant and J. -L. Bonnemain and Christine Girousse and Julia Kehr},
  journal={Comptes rendus biologies},
  volume={333 6-7},
Aphididae feed upon the plant sieve elements (SE), where they ingest sugars, nitrogen compounds and other nutrients. For ingestion, aphid stylets penetrate SE, and because of the high hydrostatic pressure in SE, phloem sap exudes out into the stylets. Severing stylets to sample phloem exudates (i.e. stylectomy) has been used extensively for the study of phloem contents. Alternative sampling techniques are spontaneous exudation upon wounding that only works in a few plant species, and the… CONTINUE READING
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