Philosophy of Mind in the Clinic: The Relation between Causal and Meaningful Explanation in Psychiatry

  title={Philosophy of Mind in the Clinic: The Relation between Causal and Meaningful Explanation in Psychiatry},
  author={D. Brendel},
  journal={Harvard Review of Psychiatry},
  • D. Brendel
  • Published 2000
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Harvard Review of Psychiatry
  • &NA; Conceptual dichotomies between mind and brain, psychology and neuroscience, meaning and causation, and fact and value confound thinking in philosophy of mind, clinical psychiatry, and psychiatric ethics. Paul Churchland's theory of eliminative materialism highlights these dichotomies, stating that advances in neuroscience have restricted, and eventually will eliminate, any need for psychology. The core principles of this theory are questionable, because psychiatrists still need psychology… CONTINUE READING
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