Philosophy in the Age of Information: A Symposium on Luciano Floridi’s The Philosophy of Information

  title={Philosophy in the Age of Information: A Symposium on Luciano Floridi’s The Philosophy of Information},
  author={Anthony F. Beavers and Derek Jones},
  journal={Minds and Machines},
This special issue of Minds and Machines contains a number of responses to Luciano Floridi’s groundbreaking Philosophy of Information (Oxford 2011). The essays contained here have been grouped by topic; essays 1–5 concern epistemological features of Floridi’s approach, and essays 6–8 address his metaphysics. In ‘‘On Floridi’s Method of Levels of Abstraction’’, Jan van Leeuwen addresses Floridi’s operational definition of a level of abstraction. Emphasizing the link between Floridi’s notion of… Expand
Is There a Philosophy of Information?
In 2002, Luciano Floridi published a paper called What is the Philosophy of Information?, where he argues for a new paradigm in philosophical research. To what extent should his proposal be accepted?Expand
Historicizing Floridi: The Question of Method, the State of the Profession, and the Timeliness of Floridi’s Philosophy of Infor-mation
There once was a philosopher not to be named FF, who betrayed his teacher and in so doing made a mess of “the profession.” This master remarked that no great philosopher was wrong, but that eachExpand
The term “information” and its various meanings across several domains have spawned a growing research area in the discipline of philosophy known as the philosophy of information (PI). The followingExpand