Philosophy as Therapy: Towards a Conceptual Model

  title={Philosophy as Therapy: Towards a Conceptual Model},
  author={Konrad Banicki},
  journal={Philosophical Papers},
  pages={31 - 7}
  • Konrad Banicki
  • Published 28 February 2014
  • Psychology, Philosophy
  • Philosophical Papers
Abstract The idea of philosophy as a kind of therapy, though by no means standard, has been present in metaphilosophical reflection since antiquity. Diverse versions of it were also discussed and applied by more recent authors such as Wittgenstein, Hadot and Foucault. In order to develop an explicit, general and systematic model of therapeutic philosophy a relatively broad and well-structured account provided by Martha Nussbaum is subjected to analysis. The results obtained, subsequently, form… 
Wittgensteinian 'Therapy', Experimental Philosophy, and Metaphilosophical Naturalism
An important strand of current experimental philosophy promotes a new kind of methodological naturalism. This chapter argues that this new ‘metaphilosophical naturalism’ is fundamentally consistent
The paper’s aim is to claim that Socrates’ philosophy according to Plato’s dialogue should be taken as a dialectic therapy. Socrates’ dialectic therapy as care of the self is not an isolated
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Recently, British Prime Minister Theresa May made a bold anti-cosmopolitan claim: ‘If you believe you are a citizen of the world, you are a citizen of nowhere. You don’t understand what citizenship
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El cuidado de sí mismo a través de los otros según los diálogos aporéticos de Platón
espanolEn este articulo me interesa abordar el caracter terapeutico de la filosofia socratica segun los dialogos aporeticos de Platon. Considero que la terapia de Socrates es un cuidado de si mismo
Moderación y ascetismo en séneca, musonio y epicteto
Resumen es: Las practicas asceticas propuestas por los estoicos romanos como vias de acceso a la vida virtuosa parecen, a primera vista, establecer un conflicto con ...
El cuidado de sí mismo a través de los otros según los diálogos aporéticos de Platón
En este artículo me interesa abordar el carácter terapéutico de la filosofía socrática según los diálogos aporéticos de Platón. Considero que la terapia de Sócrates es un cuidado de sí mismo cuyo
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