Philosophy and an African culture

  title={Philosophy and an African culture},
  author={Kwasi Wiredu},
Part I: 1. Philosophy and an African culture 2. On an African orientation in philosophy 3. How not to compare African traditional thought with Western thought 4. What can philosophy do for Africa? Part II: 5. Marxism, philosophy and ideology 6. In praise of utopianism Part III: 7. Philosophy, mysticism and rationality 8. Truth as opinion 9. To be is to be known 10. What is philosophy? 11. In defence of opinion 12. Truth: a dialogue Origins of the essays Index. 
The Journey of African Philosophy
As an academic discipline, African philosophy has had to overcome obstacles that were not of its own making. Indigenous African cultures had been said to provide insignificant evidence of abstractExpand
African Philosophy and the Method of Ordinary Language Philosophy
One of the vibrant topics of debate among African and non-African scholars in the 20 th and 21 st centuries centered on the existence of African philosophy. This debate has been described asExpand
African Philosophy and the Challenge of Innovative Thinking
This paper argues that the continued emphasis on ethno-philosophy and the relative absence of intellectual passion and curiosity are the greatest challenges facing African philosophy. The paperExpand
Race Ideology and the Conceptualization of Philosophy: The Story of Philosophy in Africa from Placide Tempels to Odera Oruka
Philosophy in Africa has come a long way. From the 18 th and 19 th centuries when it was totally ignored or denied altogether, to when it was given a lower status by ethnophilosophers. Today we talkExpand
Narrative and Experience of Community as Philosophy of Culture
This paper argues that the distinctive feature of African philosophising is a communitarian outlook expressed through various forms of narrative. The paper first illustrates the close relationshipExpand
Philosophical Framework for Doing African Philosophy
This chapter investigates the philosophical framework for discussing issues of meaning and truth in African philosophy. It mainly reflects on issues of method, focusing on the conflicting analytic (aExpand
What Is Conversational Philosophy? A Prescription of a New Theory and Method of Philosophising, in and Beyond African Philosophy
In this paper I discuss the meaning of the theory of conversational philosophy. I show that its background inspiration is derived from an under-explored African notion of relationship or communion orExpand
On Defining African Philosophy: History, Challenges and Perspectives
The definition of philosophy has remained a perennial philosophical problem and there is little agreement as to what it is. Rather, what many seem to agree on is the descriptions of philosophy, thatExpand
Narrative in African Philosophy
P. O. Bodunrin, in his 1981 essay, asks: ‘Is there an African Philosophy, and if there is, what is it?’ This question has occupied centre stage among younger African intellectuals for about a decadeExpand
Options in African Philosophy
Professor Peter Bodunrin's paper ‘The Question of African Philosophy’ ( Philosophy 55 (1981) 161–179) has, as it were, become the first question for most African scholars, teachers or students,Expand