Philo's in Flaccum: Ethnicity and Social Space in Roman Alexandria

  title={Philo's in Flaccum: Ethnicity and Social Space in Roman Alexandria},
  author={Richard M. Alston},
  journal={Greece and Rome},
  pages={165 - 175}
  • R. Alston
  • Published 1 October 1997
  • History
  • Greece and Rome
Philo's famous account of anti-semitic rioting in Alexandria in A.D. 38, the InFlaccum, has frequently been exploited by scholars interested in the legal status of the Jewish community within the city and the issue of the constitution of Alexandria. This legalissue lies near the heart of the dispute which leads to some ancient and most modern accounts tracing the roots of the dispute to the Ptolemaic period. It is notable, however, that the first major attested outbreaks of anti-Jewish feeling… 
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