Phi-analysis at the experimental limits: mechanism of beta-hairpin formation.

  title={Phi-analysis at the experimental limits: mechanism of beta-hairpin formation.},
  author={Miriana Petrovich and Amanda L. Jonsson and Neil T. N. Ferguson and Valerie Daggett and A. R. Fersht},
  journal={Journal of molecular biology},
  volume={360 4},
The 37-residue Formin-binding protein, FBP28, is a canonical three-stranded beta-sheet WW domain. Because of its small size, it is so insensitive to chemical denaturation that it is barely possible to determine accurately a denaturation curve, as the transition spans 0-7 M guanidinium hydrochloride (GdmCl). It is also only marginally stable, with a free energy of denaturation of just 2.3 kcal/mol at 10 degrees Celsius so only small changes in energy upon mutation can be tolerated. But these… CONTINUE READING