Pheromone-induced production of antimicrobial peptides in Lactobacillus.


Production of the bacteriocin sakacin P by Lactobacillus sake LTH673 is dependent on a secreted 19-residue peptide pheromone (IP-673). The gene encoding IP-673 (sppIP) was identified and sequenced. SppIP was shown to be co-transcribed with genes encoding a histidine kinase (sppK) and a response regulator (sppR) typical for signal transduction in bacteria… (More)


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@article{Brurberg1997PheromoneinducedPO, title={Pheromone-induced production of antimicrobial peptides in Lactobacillus.}, author={M. B. Brurberg and Ingolf F. Nes and Vincent G H Eijsink}, journal={Molecular microbiology}, year={1997}, volume={26 2}, pages={347-60} }