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Phenylalanyl-2-Sulfanilylglycine as Substrate for Leucine Aminopeptidase Assay

  title={Phenylalanyl-2-Sulfanilylglycine as Substrate for Leucine Aminopeptidase Assay},
  author={Se-Young Hwang and Suk-Young Cho and Ick-dong Yoo},
  journal={Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology},
A chromogenic mimic of phenlyalanyl-dipeptide, L-phenylalanyl-L-2-sulfanilylglycine (PSG), was synthesized and examined for its usability in leucine aminopeptidase (LAP) assay. The enzyme activity was easily determined by measuring the amount of diazotized adduct of sulfanilic acid released upon hydrolysis of PSG (=18,000/M/cm). Under the experimental conditions employed, PSG showed a Km of 0.063 mM and a Kcat of 1683/min, assessable less than 0.1 g of LAP per milliliter. And the presence of… Expand
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Spectrophotometric determination of peptide transport with chromogenic peptide mimetics.
A spectrophotometric assay to determine peptide transport has been developed, demonstrating that PSG was transported wholly intact and transport kinetics of various dipeptides tested could be ranked in order of kinetic power for their transport. Expand