Phenotyping of pulmonary carcinoids and a Ki-67-based grading approach

  title={Phenotyping of pulmonary carcinoids and a Ki-67-based grading approach},
  author={Tina Zahel and Sabine Krysa and Esther Herpel and Albrecht Stenzinger and Benjamin Goeppert and Peter Schirmacher and Hans Hoffmann and Philipp Albert Schnabel and Arne Warth},
  journal={Virchows Archiv},
Pulmonary carcinoids (PC) are separated into typical (TC) and atypical carcinoids (ATC). However, the biological behavior cannot be reliably predicted, and in small biopsies differential diagnosis can be challenging. To provide a basis for a grading approach, we analyzed mitoses and the proliferative index (PI; Ki-67) of 200 PC specimens (TC: n = 114; ATC: n = 86). To define suitable diagnostic and to screen for putative therapeutic markers, CD56, CD57, CD99, CD117, TTF-1, synaptophysin… CONTINUE READING