Phenotyping hypertrophy: eschew obfuscation.

  title={Phenotyping hypertrophy: eschew obfuscation.},
  author={Gerald W. Dorn and Jeffrey Robbins and Peter H. Sugden},
  journal={Circulation research},
  volume={92 11},
Everyone thinks they know what “cardiac hypertrophy” is: a reactive increase in cardiac size/myocardial mass in response to hemodynamic stress that, in humans, predisposes to early death.1 Yet, the term “hypertrophy” has become one of the most misused and inaccurate terms in the cardiovascular basic science literature because of its nonspecificity and, as typically used, lack of mechanistic implication. “Hypertrophy” (noun and verb), derived from Greek hyper (above, more than normal) and trophe… CONTINUE READING

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