Phenotypic impact of regulatory noise in cellular stress-response pathways

  title={Phenotypic impact of regulatory noise in cellular stress-response pathways},
  author={Daniil Zhuravel and Dawn Fraser and Simon J G St-Pierre and Lioudmila Tepliakova and Wyming Lee Pang and Jeff Hasty and Mads K{\ae}rn},
  booktitle={Systems and Synthetic Biology},
Recent studies indicate that intrinsic promoter-mediated gene expression noise can confer a selective advantage under acute environmental stress by providing beneficial phenotypic diversity within cell populations. To investigate how extrinsic gene expression noise impacts the fitness of cell populations under stress, we engineered two nearly isogenic budding yeast strains; one carrying a two-step regulatory cascade that allows for precise control of the noise transmitted from a transcriptional… CONTINUE READING