Phenotypic heterogeneity in severe hemophilia.

  title={Phenotypic heterogeneity in severe hemophilia.},
  author={H M van den Berg and P H G De Groot and Kathelijn Fischer},
  journal={Journal of thrombosis and haemostasis : JTH},
  volume={5 Suppl 1},
Large heterogeneity in bleeding pattern and arthropathy is observed among patients with severe hemophilia. Studies have reported a large variability in bleeding pattern among patients with severe hemophilia. Of special interest are some 10% of the patients with severe hemophilia who only rarely bleed and don't need prophylactic therapy. Prothrombotic risk factors seem to influence phenotype but they can account for only a small part of the heterogeneity. Half-lives for factor VIII (FVIII) range… CONTINUE READING

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