Phenotypic expression of epidermal cells in vitro: a review.

  title={Phenotypic expression of epidermal cells in vitro: a review.},
  author={Karen A. Holbrook and Henry Hennings},
  journal={The Journal of investigative dermatology},
  volume={81 1 Suppl},
Disaggregated epidermal cells, sheets of epidermis, and explants of partial and full-thickness skin have been grown in cell, organ, and explant cultures. Each type of epidermal sample has also been "cultured" as a graft on a living animal host. The extent of tissue-specific phenotypic expression by the epidermal cell varies with the type of culture and the culture conditions: medium, biologic and pharmacologic additives, substrate, cell density, pH, and temperature. Specific culture conditions… CONTINUE READING
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