Phenotypic Selection by Parasitoids on the Timing of Life History in a Leafmining Moth.

  title={Phenotypic Selection by Parasitoids on the Timing of Life History in a Leafmining Moth.},
  author={Robert McGregor},
  journal={Evolution; international journal of organic evolution},
  volume={50 4},
Direct measurements of phenotypic selection by parasitoids on quantitative traits in herbivorous insects have been rare. I analysed episodes of phenotypic selection on the timing of life-history events in a multivoltine leafmining moth, Phyllonorycter mespilella, and assessed the importance of hymenopterous parasitoids as selective influences. Phyllonorycter mespilella has two consecutive stages of larval development, the sap-feeding (SF) and tissue-feeding (TF) stages. Adult parasitoids host… CONTINUE READING

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