Phenomenological analysis of B -> PP decays with QCD factorization

  title={Phenomenological analysis of B -> PP decays with QCD factorization},
  author={Dong-sheng Du and Haijun Gong and Junfeng Sun and Deshan Yang and Guohuai Zhu},
  journal={Physical Review D},
In this paper, we study nonleptonic charmless B decays to two light pseudoscalar mesons within the frame of QCD factorization, including the contributions from the chirally enhanced power corrections and weak annihilation. Predictions for the CP-averaged branching ratios and CP-violating asymmetries are given. Within the reasonable range of the parameters, we find that our predictions for the branching ratios of B-->PP are consistent with the present experimental data. But because of the… 
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QCD and weak interactions of light quarks, J. Bijnens heavy quarkonium dynamics, A. Hoang confinement in 2+1 dimensional Georgi-Glashow model, I. Kogan and A. Kovner uses of effective field theory in

XX International symposium on lepton and photon interactions at high energies : Lepton-Photon 01, Rome, Italy, 23-28 July 2001

Contents: B Physics Kaon Physics Heavy Quark Physics Hadron Machines QCD Phenomenology Hadronic Structure EW Physics and Beyond Neutrino Physics Cosmology and Astrophysics.

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