Phenological Changes in the Southern Hemisphere

  title={Phenological Changes in the Southern Hemisphere},
  author={Lynda Chambers and Res Altwegg and Christophe Barbraud and Phoebe Barnard and Linda J. Beaumont and Robert J. M. Crawford and Joel M. Durant and Lesley Hughes and Marie Keatley and Matt Low and Patricia C. Morellato and Elvira S. Poloczanska and Val{\'e}ria Ruoppolo and Ralph Eric Thijl Vanstreels and Eric J Woehler and Anton C. Wolfaardt},
  booktitle={PloS one},
Current evidence of phenological responses to recent climate change is substantially biased towards northern hemisphere temperate regions. Given regional differences in climate change, shifts in phenology will not be uniform across the globe, and conclusions drawn from temperate systems in the northern hemisphere might not be applicable to other regions on the planet. We conduct the largest meta-analysis to date of phenological drivers and trends among southern hemisphere species, assessing… CONTINUE READING