Phenolic compounds of Campanula rotundifolia and C. persicifolia

  title={Phenolic compounds of Campanula rotundifolia and C. persicifolia},
  author={Leonid Teslov and L. N. Koretskaya and G. I. Tsareva},
  journal={Chemistry of Natural Compounds},
Continuing a study of the chemica l composi t ion of the epigeal pa r t of Campanula rotundifolia L., by ch roma tog raphy on polyamide we have isolated in smal l amount a flavonol glycoside in the fo rm of yellow ac ic u lar c r y s t a l s with mp 155-157°C ( f rom ethanol), kmax 259, 362 nm. The subs tance was cleaved by acids and by the enzymes of rhamnod ia s t a se into rhamnet in and D-ga lac tose . UV spec t roscopy showed that the sugar was at tached in posi t ion 3. In i ts Rf values… CONTINUE READING