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Phenolic compounds in olives

  title={Phenolic compounds in olives},
  author={Danielle Ryan and Kevin Robards},
Introduction Structure of plant phenolics or more hydroxy substituents Role of phenolics in olives Properties and function Phenolics as antioxidants Phenolics and fruit quality Factors affecting the phenolic profile of olives Varietal influences Other factors Olive development and maturation Processing and storage Oil production Table olives Analysis Sample preparation Quantification Chromatographic methods Liquid chromatography Detection 

Analytical, Nutritional and Clinical Methods Characterization of phenolic extracts from olives (Olea europaea cv. Pisciottana) by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry

Olives are a potential source of natural anti-oxidants; unfortunately, a complete characterization of olive fruit phenolic profile is still to be achieved, as it is characterized by great complexity

The Role of Polyphenoloxidase, Peroxidase, and β-Glucosidase in Phenolics Accumulation in Olea europaea L. Fruits under Different Water Regimes

It is suggested that enzymes involved in phenolic catabolism in the olive fruit have a differential sensitivity to soil water availability depending on fruit developmental stage.


acid derivatives; gallic, protocatechuic, p compared to cinnamic acid derivatives, with p p -1 -1 -1

Characterization of phenolic compounds in olive stones of three moroccan varieties

Phenolic compounds have a fundamental importance in the nutritional and sensorial characteristics of olive. In this study phenolic compounds extracted from olive fruit stones of three Moroccan

Phenolic compounds and related enzymes as determinants of sorghum for food use

Phenolic compounds and related enzymes such as phenol biosynthesizing enzymes (phenylalanine ammonia lyase) and phenol catabolizing enzymes (polyphenol oxidase and peroxidase) are determinants for

Biophenols in table olives.

Evaluated table olives produced in Greece as sources of biophenols found to be good sources of phenols, with high levels of hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol and luteolin were the prevailing phenols in almost all of the samples examined.

A Systematic Review: Polyphenol Contents in Stressed-Olive Trees and Its Fruit Oil

Olive oil includes high amounts of phenols and polyphenols. Through health benefits to humans, the antioxidant role of polyphenols that contain more than two phenolic hydroxyl groups has been well



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