Phenol degradation by a Graphium sp. FIB4 isolated from industrial effluents.

  title={Phenol degradation by a Graphium sp. FIB4 isolated from industrial effluents.},
  author={Vera L{\'u}cia P. dos Santos and N{\'a}dia M Heilbuth and Dan{\'u}bia Telles Braga and Andrea de Souza Monteiro and Valter Roberto Linardi},
  journal={Journal of basic microbiology},
  volume={43 3},
In this work, we show that the fungal strain Graphium sp. FIB4 was able to use phenol as the sole carbon source. Higher degradation of phenol was accomplished by alginate-immobilized mycelial mass than by mycelial suspensions of Graphium sp. FIB4. Free mycelium exhibited higher degradation rates when compared with the alginate-immobilized mycelium in the presence of 14 mM of phenol or less. Above this concentration, degradation rates by free mycelium decreased and the immobilized mycelium… CONTINUE READING

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