Phenol Toxicity Following Cutaneous Exposure to Creolin®: A Case Report

  title={Phenol Toxicity Following Cutaneous Exposure to Creolin®: A Case Report},
  author={D. Vearrier and D. Jacobs and Michael I. Greenberg},
  journal={Journal of Medical Toxicology},
  • D. Vearrier, D. Jacobs, Michael I. Greenberg
  • Published 2014
  • Medicine
  • Journal of Medical Toxicology
  • IntroductionPhenol is a caustic that may cause cutaneous or gastrointestinal burns depending on the route of exposure. [...] Key MethodCase reportA 9-year-old girl was exposed to Creolin®, a general-purpose disinfectant containing phenol, when her mother applied this product to her head and upper torso. The patient required endotracheal intubation due to depressed mental status; she had cutaneous erythema in the distribution of contact with the cleanser.Expand Abstract
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