Phenetics in Tree Peony Species from China by Flower Pigment Cluster Analysis

  title={Phenetics in Tree Peony Species from China by Flower Pigment Cluster Analysis},
  author={Liang-Sheng Wang and Fumio Hashimoto and Aya Shiraishi and Noriaki Aoki and Jia-Jue Li and Keiichi Shimizu and Yusuke Sakata},
  journal={Journal of Plant Research},
section Moutan DC. (fifteen accessions) from China. As the pigment markers, five anthocyanins together with three flavone and three flavonol aglycones were used. Principal component analysis (PCA) provided five eigenvectors from nineteen pigment patterns, in which peonidin and cyanidin as well as the types of glycosides greatly influenced the first factor, Z 1. The Euclidean distances of standardized values obtained by eigenvector matrices with five factors (Z 1 to Z 5) produced a dendrogram in… CONTINUE READING
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