Phd by thesis

  title={Phd by thesis},
  author={Richard Lathe},
  • R. Lathe
  • Published 1 April 1988
  • Geography, Environmental Science, Geology
  • Nature
Deposits of clastic carbonate-dominated (calciclastic) sedimentary slope systems in the rock record have been identified mostly as linearly-consistent carbonate apron deposits, even though most ancient clastic carbonate slope deposits fit the submarine fan systems better. Calciclastic submarine fans are consequently rarely described and are poorly understood. Subsequently, very little is known especially in mud-dominated calciclastic submarine fan systems. Presented in this study are a… 

Granitoids of the older granite suites in Southeast ern Nigeria

The Older Granite suite is represented in southeast ern Nigeria as in other parts of the country. In no rthern Obudu area, they are exposed as oval or dome-shaped isola ted bodies that are

Tectonic, Oceanographic, and Climatic Controls on the Cretaceous‐Cenozoic Sedimentary Record of the Australian‐Antarctic Basin

Understanding the patterns and characteristics of sedimentary deposits on the conjugate Australian‐Antarctic margins is critical to reveal the Cretaceous‐Cenozoic tectonic, oceanographic, and

Petrology of avachites, high-magnesian basalts of Avachinsky Volcano, Kamchatka: I. General characteristics and composition of rocks and minerals

In 1935, A.N. Zavaritskii described high-magnesian (MgO/(MgO + FeO*) = 0.73-0.82) basalts and picrites, which are unique in Kamchatka and were found on Avachinsky volcano and eventually named ava-

Debris-Flow Channel Headwater Dynamics: Examining Channel Recharge Cycles With Terrestrial Laser Scanning

Debris-flows present a natural hazard to the safe operation of linear infrastructure in mountainous environments. The most significant contributor to debris-flow occurrence is a supply of readily

Numerical modelling of overpressure generation in deep basins and response of Arctic gas hydrate to ocean warming

This thesis is split into the two scientific topics studied; overpressure development in deep basins and present-day and future gas hydrate dissociation in the Arctic. Locating and quantifying

First Palaeozoic arachnid from Portugal and implications for Carboniferous palaeobiogeography

The first occurrence of arachnids (Aphantomartus pustulatus) in the Carboniferous strata of Portugal is documented and its palaeobiogeographic significance is assessed. The Aphantomartidae species



Calcium homeostasis in intact lymphocytes: cytoplasmic free calcium monitored with a new, intracellularly trapped fluorescent indicator

A new, fluorescent, highly selective Ca2+ indicator , "quin2", has been trapped inside intact mouse and pig lymphocytes, to measure and manipulate cytoplasmic free Ca2+ concentrations, [Ca2+]i. Quin2

Fluorescent indicators for cytosolic calcium based on rhodamine and fluorescein chromophores.

A new generation of Ca2+ indicators with greatly improved fluorescence properties.

A new family of highly fluorescent indicators has been synthesized for biochemical studies of the physiological role of cytosolic free Ca2+ using an 8-coordinate tetracarboxylate chelating site with stilbene chromophores that offer up to 30-fold brighter fluorescence.

Diabetic cardiomyopathy. Diabetes Care

  • 1990

Model predictive control of a solar thermal system via on-line communication with a meteorological database server, Időjárás

    In addition we found that the kinetics of intracellular Ca 2+ transient was neither significantly different between infected and non-infected cells