Phases of the two-band model of spinless fermions in one dimension

  title={Phases of the two-band model of spinless fermions in one dimension},
  author={Urs Ledermann and Karyn Le Hur},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We study the two-band model of spinless fermions in one dimension for weak repulsive interactions. In this case, the model is equivalent to the weakly interacting spinless two-leg ladder. We obtain nonuniversal analytic expressions for the power-law decays $\ensuremath{\propto}{x}^{\ensuremath{-}\ensuremath{\gamma}}$ of the charge-density and $\ensuremath{\propto}{x}^{\ensuremath{-}1/\ensuremath{\gamma}}$ of the superconducting pairing correlation functions. To leading order in the doping… Expand
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