Phasenverschiebungen der endogenen Tagesrhythmik durch Reduktion der Atmung


Experiments were carried out in order to determine the effect of reducing respiration on the phases of endogenous diurnal movements inPhaseolus multiflorus (primary leaves) andKalanchoe blossfeldiana (opening and closing of the flowers). Such an effect was examined by measuring the delay occurring in peak formation, 2 or more days after treatment. In the… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF01840779


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@article{Bnning2005PhasenverschiebungenDE, title={Phasenverschiebungen der endogenen Tagesrhythmik durch Reduktion der Atmung}, author={Erwin B{\"{u}nning and Siegfried Kurras and Vera Vielhaben}, journal={Planta}, year={2005}, volume={64}, pages={291-300} }