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Phase transitions in filtration of real gases.

  title={Phase transitions in filtration of real gases.},
  author={Valentin V. Lychagin and Mikhail Roop},
  journal={arXiv: Mathematical Physics},
Steady adiabatic filtration of real gases is studied. Thermodynamical states of real gases are presented by Legendrian surfaces in 5-dimensional thermodynamical contact space. The relation between phase transitions and singularities of projection of the Legendrian surfaces on the plane of intensive variables is shown. The constructive method of finding solutions of the Dirichlet filtration problem together with analysis of critical phenomena is presented. Cases of van der Waals and Peng… 

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Phase Transitions in Euler Flows of Dieterici Gases

  • V. LychaginM. Roop
  • Physics
    2019 Twelfth International Conference "Management of large-scale system development" (MLSD)
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In this paper, we study non-stationary filtration of real gases in porous media. Thermodynamic state of the medium is given by van der Waals state equations. Solutions for non-stationary filtration



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H E Stanley Oxford: University Press 1971 pp xx + 308 price ?5 In the past fifteen years or so there has been a lot of experimental and theoretical work on the nature of critical phenomena in the

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