Phase slips and vortex dynamics in Josephson oscillations between Bose-Einstein condensates

  title={Phase slips and vortex dynamics in Josephson oscillations between Bose-Einstein condensates},
  author={Marta Abad and M. Guilleumas and Ricardo Mayol and Francesco Piazza and Dora M. Jezek and Augusto Smerzi},
  journal={Europhysics Letters},
We study the relation between Josephson dynamics and topological excitations in a dilute Bose-Einstein condensate confined in a double-well trap. We show that the phase slips responsible for the self-trapping regime are created by vortex rings entering and annihilating inside the weak-link region or created at the center of the barrier and expanding outside the system. Large amplitude oscillations just before the onset of self-trapping are also strictly connected with the dynamics of vortex… 
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