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Phase relations in the join kirschsteinite (CaFeSiOa)-fayalite (Fe2SiOa)

  title={Phase relations in the join kirschsteinite (CaFeSiOa)-fayalite (Fe2SiOa)},
  author={Drlrp K. MurnopeoHyAy and DoNero H. LrNosr-Ey},
Reversed experiments (Pn,o : I kbar; co-coo or wM buffer) on the kirschsteinite (caFeSio+)-fayalite (Fe2Sio) join ourline a miscibility gap below approximately l04l'C. Experimental results are compatible with a simple, symmetric Margules model having W6 of 21866-t- 143 J. We treat kirschsteinite as an end-member with the implicit assumption that Ca-Fe mixing occurs only in M2 site of the olivine structure. Evidence has been adduced to show that olivines with more Ca2SiO4 component than in… CONTINUE READING
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