Phase-noise limitations in continuous-variable quantum key distribution with homodyne detection

  title={Phase-noise limitations in continuous-variable quantum key distribution with homodyne detection},
  author={Roberto Corvaja},
  journal={Physical Review A},
  • R. Corvaja
  • Published 9 February 2017
  • Physics
  • Physical Review A
In continuous-variables quantum key distribution with coherent states, the advantage of performing the detection by using standard telecoms components is counterbalanced by the lack of a stable phase reference in homodyne detection due to the complexity of optical phase-locking circuits and to the unavoidable phase noise of lasers, which introduces a degradation on the achievable secure key rate. Pilot-assisted phase-noise estimation and postdetection compensation techniques are used to… 

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Numerical simulations show that the proposed phase estimation scheme can successfully reconstruct the phase drifts even at low signal-to-noise ratio conditions and suggest that a higher accuracy of phase estimation could be achieved by using the frequency division multiplexing scheme.
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In order to ensure the security of the local oscillator (LO) in continuous variable quantum key distribution (CV-QKD), the LO in CV-QKD based on the local LO (LLO) scheme no longer passes through the
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This work verifies the feasibility of the high-key-rate CVQKD with a real LO within the metropolitan area by measuring the excess noise in the 25km optical fiber transmission system and finding a 3.14Mbps key rate in the asymptotic regime proves to be achievable.
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A continuous-variable quantum key distribution (CV-QKD) scheme by using polarization-multiplexing (Pol-Mux) technique, which achieves a good performance in terms of the key generation rate and can be further improved by altering the effective parameters.
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It is concluded that measurement angular error severely degrades the security, but the proposed calibration and compensation method can significantly help improve the performance of the practical CV-QKD systems.
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The proposed LLO-CVQKD scheme can measure X and P quadrature simultaneously using heterodyne detection without need of extra random basis selection and guarantees no crosstalk from strong pilot tone to weak quantum signal and different detection requirements of low-noise for Quantum signal and high-saturation limitation for pilot tone.
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An experimental demonstration of the feasibility of the first 20 + Mb/s Gaussian modulated coherent state continuous variable quantum key distribution system with a locally generated local oscillator at the receiver with a new ‘combined-optimization’ technique to optimize system parameters simultaneously to high precision.
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This paper improves the phase noise tolerance of the SQCC scheme using a true LO by adopting a refined noise model where phase noises originated from different sources are treated differently, and results show the tolerable phase noise in this refined noise models is significantly higher than that in the previous study.
Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution with Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Modulation
The results reveal that the OFDM-CVQKD protocol provides a feasible framework for the experimental implementation of an unconditionally secure communication over standard telecommunication networks.
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In this paper, a novel experimental preparation scheme of Gaussian modulated coherent state (GMCS) in continuous variable quantum key distribution (CVQKD) system is proposed based on dual-drive


A new language, Opt, is proposed for writing these objective functions over image- or graph-structured unknowns concisely and at a high level and automatically transforms these specifications into state-of-the-art GPU solvers based on Gauss-Newton or Levenberg-Marquardt methods.
Apesar da gestão de carreiras ser uma preocupação recente no quadro da gestão das relações de trabalho, é hoje evidente a crise em que se encontra a forma tradicional de abordagem desta problemática.
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