Phase noise in oscillators: a unifying theory and numerical methods for characterization

  title={Phase noise in oscillators: a unifying theory and numerical methods for characterization},
  author={Alper Demir and Amit Mehrotra and Jaijeet S. Roychowdhury},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I-regular Papers},
Phase noise is a topic of theoretical and practical interest in electronic circuits, as well as in other fields, such as optics. Although progress has been made in understanding the phenomenon, there still remain significant gaps, both in its fundamental theory and in numerical techniques for its characterization. In this paper, we develop a solid foundation for phase noise that is valid for any oscillator, regardless of operating mechanism. We establish novel results about the dynamics of… 
Unified Theory of Oscillator Phase Noise I: White Noise
The spectral purity of every oscillator system is limited by phase noise. In this work, we extend the techniques previously used to analyze phase noise in lasers to develop an intuitive, yet powerful
A General Theory of Phase Noise in Transconductor-Based Harmonic Oscillators
  • F. Pepe, P. Andreani
  • Physics, Engineering
    IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers
  • 2017
A rigorous phase noise analysis of a generic harmonic oscillator where the active core can be modeled as a transconductor is presented, and it is shown that the phase noise caused by transConductor white noise is always proportional to the phase Noise caused by resonator losses.
Analytical Equations for Nonlinear Phase Errors and Jitter in Ring Oscillators
A simple analytical equation for capturing phase errors in 3-stage ring oscillators is presented, based on a simple but useful idealization of the ring oscillator, which correctly captures the time- dependent sensitivity of oscillator phase to external perturbations.
Exact analytical equations for predicting nonlinear phase errors and jitter in ring oscillators
  • J. Roychowdhury
  • Physics
    18th International Conference on VLSI Design held jointly with 4th International Conference on Embedded Systems Design
  • 2005
A simple analytical equation for capturing phase errors in 3-stage ring oscillators is presented, based on a simple but useful idealization of the ring oscillator, and correctly captures the time-dependent sensitivity of oscillator phase to external perturbations.
The Complex World of Oscillator Noise: Modern Approaches to Oscillator (Phase and Amplitude) Noise Analysis
The study of fluctuations in oscillators has been a classical research topic in mathematics, physics, and engineering since the first half of the 20th century [1]-[4]. Besides the intellectual
Analytical expressions for phase noise eigenfunctions of LC oscillators
Analytical expressions for eigenfunctions that characterize the phase noise performance of generic LC oscillator structures and analytical expressions for the timing jitter and spectrum of such oscillators are obtained.
Frequency Precision of Oscillators Based on High-Q Resonators
We present a method for analyzing the phase noise of oscillators based on feedback driven high quality factor resonators. Our approach is to derive the phase drift of the oscillator by projecting the
Measurements to reveal phase-noise producing mechanisms in resonator-oscillators
  • M. Hoffmann
  • Physics
    SPIE International Symposium on Fluctuations and Noise
  • 2007
During the last decades, several theoretical models describing phase noise of oscillator signals have been established. Verification of these models has mainly been done by computer simulations.
Phase Noise in Autonomous Oscillators
  • B. Levy
  • Physics
    Random Processes with Applications to Circuits and Communications
  • 2019
Due to its importance in circuit design, the problem of modeling phase noise in autonomous oscillators has attracted considerable attention over the last 50 years. Noteworthy phase noise studies


Corrections to "A General Theory of Phase Noise in Electrical Oscillators"
A general model is introduced which is capable of making accurate, quantitative predictions about the phase noise of different types of electrical oscillators by acknowledging the true periodically
Floquet theory and non‐linear perturbation analysis for oscillators with differential‐algebraic equations
  • A. Demir
  • Mathematics
    Int. J. Circuit Theory Appl.
  • 2000
Oscillators are key components of electronic systems. In RF communication systems, they are used for frequency translation of information signals and for channel selection, and in digital electronic
Characterizing filtered light waves corrupted by phase noise
The authors show, for example, how to generate probability density functions of the magnitude of a filtered laser tone and how to analytically represent the characteristic function of the PDF in closed form in the small-phase-noise realm.
A time-domain method for numerical noise analysis of oscillators
  • M. Okumura, H. Tanimoto
  • Physics, Engineering
    Proceedings of ASP-DAC '97: Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference
  • 1997
A numerical noise analysis method for oscillators is proposed that can be applied to strongly nonlinear circuits and thermal noise, shot noise and flicker noise are considered as noise sources.
Jitter in ring oscillators
  • J. McNeill
  • Physics
    Proceedings of IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems - ISCAS '94
  • 1994
A theoretical framework for analyzing and predicting jitter in ring oscillators is described, considering each delay stage to add a uniform amount of phase in a varying an amount of time.
Harmonic-balance optimization of microwave oscillators for electrical performance, steady-state stability, and near-carrier phase noise
The numerical optimization of microwave oscillators including specifications on steady-state stability and near-carrier phase noise is demonstrated for the first time. The approach relies on the
Analysis of timing jitter in CMOS ring oscillators
in this paper the effects of thermal noise in transistors on timing jitter in CMOS ring-oscillators composed of source-coupled differential resistively-loaded delay cells is investigated. The
Analysis of white and f-α noise in oscillators
The Langevin equations describing the deterministic and stochastic behaviour of an oscillator by perturbation methods are derived and applied to a Van der Pol oscillator exhibiting parametric sideband amplification and to a realized oscillator demonstrating the applicability of the theory to technically relevant circuits.
Noise analysis of a class of oscillators
This paper presents noise analysis of a class of oscillators, which can be modeled by a positive feedback system with a frequency-selective Mth-order filter, an ideal comparator, and a white noise
A computer algorithm to determine the steady-state response of nonlinear oscillators
A Newton algorithm is defined which in the neighborhood of an orbit converges to it rapidly and gives a precise value for the period T of this oscillation.