Phase-locked array of quantum cascade lasers with an intracavity spatial filter

  title={Phase-locked array of quantum cascade lasers with an intracavity spatial filter},
  author={Lei Wang and Jinchuan Zhang and Zhiwei Jia and Yue Zhao and Chuan-Wei Liu and Yinghui Liu and Shen-Qiang Zhai and Zhuo Ning and Fengqi Liu},
  journal={Applied Physics Letters},
We show a phase-locked array of quantum cascade lasers with an intracavity spatial filter based on the Talbot effect. All the laser arrays show in-phase operation from the threshold current to full power current with a near-diffraction-limited divergence angle. The maximum power is just about 5 times that of a single-ridge laser for an eleven-laser array device and 3 times for a seven-laser array device. The structure was analyzed by using the multi-slit Fraunhofer diffraction theory, showing… 
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