Phase equilibrium of the GdFeCo system at 873 K

  title={Phase equilibrium of the GdFeCo system at 873 K},
  author={Jinli Huang and Haichang Zhong and Xiuwen Xia and Wei He and Jinming Zhu and J. Q. Deng and Yinghong Zhuang},
Abstract Phase equilibrium of the ternary Gd–Fe–Co system at 873 K was investigated by using X-ray diffraction technique, electron probe microanalysis, metallographic analysis and differential thermal analysis. The 873 K isothermal section of the phase diagram of the Gd–Fe–Co ternary system consists of 11 single-phase regions, 16 two-phase regions and 6 three-phase regions. Three pairs of corresponding compounds of Gd–Co and Gd–Fe, i.e., Gd2Co17 and Gd2Fe17, GdCo3 and GdFe3, GdCo2 and GdFe2… CONTINUE READING