Phase equilibria in the pseudobinary Ti0.5Ni0.5-Ti0.5Cu0.5 system

  title={Phase equilibria in the pseudobinary Ti0.5Ni0.5-Ti0.5Cu0.5 system},
  author={Weijia Tang and Rolf Sandstr{\"o}m and Shuichi Miyazaki},
The pseudobinary Ti0.5Ni0.5-Ti0.5Cu0.5 system was analyzed using thermodynamic models for the Gibbs energy of individual phases in the system. The TiNi intermetallic phase crystallizes with the B2 CsCl-type structure and is an ordered form of the A2 BCC structure. It was treated with a two-sublattice model (Cu, Ni, Ti, Va)0.5(Cu, Ni, Ti, Va)0.5, where Va represents a vacancy and one sublattice is occupied predominantly by Ti and the other by Ni and Cu. Other phases such as B11 based on a TiCu… CONTINUE READING


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