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Phase equilibria, phase diagrams, and phase transformations

  title={Phase equilibria, phase diagrams, and phase transformations},
  author={Mats Hillert},
Mathematical Framework and Numerical Methods for the Modeling of Mechanochemistry in Multi-Phase Materials
This dissertation presents a suite of mathematical formulations and numerical methods for modeling the interactions between solid mechanics and chemistry in multi-phase materials. In all cases, the
Ehrenfest equations for calorimetry and dilatometry
  • P. Holba
  • Physics
    Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
  • 2015
Ehrenfest classification of phase transitions discerns between two categories: first-order transitions obeying Clapeyron equation and second-order transitions that should obey Ehrenfest equations.
Experimental Investigation and Thermodynamic Modeling of the Ni-Rich Part of the Ni-N Phase Diagram
The N uptake of thin Ni foils was monitored by use of nitriding experiments performed in NH3-H2 gas atmospheres as function of the atmosphere’s composition between 673 K and 873 K (400 °C and 600
Modeling of Some Physical Properties of Zirconium Alloys for Nuclear Applications in Support of UFD Campaign
Zirconium-based alloys Zircaloy-2 and Zircaloy-4 are widely used in the nuclear industry as cladding materials for light water reactor (LWR) fuels. These materials display a very good combination of
Solidification modeling: from electromagnetic levitation to atomization processing
Contents: Introduction. Electromagnetic Levitation. Impulse Atomization. Modeling. General Assumptions. Mass Conservations. Specific Surfaces. Diffusion Lengths. Nucleation. Heat Balance.
Part 4
where G(x) is the total Gibbs energy of the system (in moles); gj is the partial molal Gibbs energy function of j-th aqueous species at T,P of interest in the molal scale; xj is the mole quantity of
Part 4 辦理國內外觀光主題活動
This document provides a description of how HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN would look like in the future and some examples of how it might be implemented in practice.
Modélisation des évolutions microstructurales par changement de phases dans les alliages de titane [bêta] - métastables
Un modele a ete developpe pour predire les cinetiques de transformation de phase beta → alpha dans les alliages de titane multi constitues au cours de chemins thermiques complexes. Il repose sur :
Mapping Thermoelectric Transport in a Multicomponent Alloy Space
Interest in high entropy alloy thermoelectric materials is predicated on achieving ultralow lattice thermal conductivity κ L through large compositional disorder. However, here we show that for a
Thermodynamic Properties of Components in the Ag–Au–Pd System
  • K. Chudnenko
  • Materials Science
    Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
  • 2020
Abstract The absence of consistent thermodynamic data on the systems Au–Pd, Ag–Pd, and Ag–Au–Pd prevents from interpreting the properties of alloys of these types. An approach was proposed to create