Phase diagram of electrostatically doped SrTiO3.

  title={Phase diagram of electrostatically doped SrTiO3.},
  author={Yeonbae Lee and Colin Clement and Jack Hellerstedt and Joseph Kinney and Laura Kinnischtzke and Xiang Leng and Scott D. Snyder and Allen M. Goldman},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={106 13},
Electric double layer transistor configurations have been employed to electrostatically dope single crystals of insulating SrTiO(3). Here we report on the results of such doping over broad ranges of temperature and carrier concentration employing an ionic liquid as the gate dielectric. The surprising results are, with increasing carrier concentration, an apparent carrier-density dependent conductor-insulator transition, a regime of the anomalous Hall effect, suggesting magnetic ordering, and… CONTINUE READING

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