Phase characters of optical dark solitons with third-order dispersion and delayed nonlinear response.

  title={Phase characters of optical dark solitons with third-order dispersion and delayed nonlinear response.},
  author={Yan-Hong Qin and Xiaoman Zhang and Liming Ling and Li-Chen Zhao},
  journal={Physical review. E},
  volume={106 2-1},
Dark soliton is usually seen as one of the simplest topological solitons, due to phase shift across its intensity dip. We investigate phase characters of single-valley dark soliton (SVDS) and double-valley dark soliton (DVDS) in a single-mode optical fiber with third-order dispersion and delayed nonlinear response. Notably, two different phase shifts can produce an SVDS with the same velocity under some conditions, which is not admitted for a dark soliton with only the second-order dispersion… 

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