Phase change-photonic framework for terahertz wave control

  title={Phase change-photonic framework for terahertz wave control},
  author={Prakash Pitchappa and Abhishek Kumar and Saurav Prakash and Hariom Jani and Thirumalai Venkatesan and Ranjan Singh},
The advancement in capabilities enabled by handheld devices and the prospective internet of things has led to an explosion of wireless data consumption in the last decade. The ever-increasing demand for high speed data transfer has projected the unprecedented importance of terahertz spectral range for next generation wireless communication systems. However, versatile interaction and active manipulation of terahertz waves required for a wide-range of terahertz technologies are either unavailable… 

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respect to annealing time at 180 °C and the dashed line shows a single exponential fit. The bottom inset shows the strong field confinement when conductivity of GST is 4 S/cm (asdeposited case)