Phase- and Age-Related Differences in Protein Tyrosine Phosphorylation in Sequoia sempervirens

  title={Phase- and Age-Related Differences in Protein Tyrosine Phosphorylation in Sequoia sempervirens},
  author={L.-C. Huang and S.-Y. Pu and Toshio Murashige and S Fu and T.-T. Kuo and D.-D. Huang and H.-J. Huang},
  journal={Biologia Plantarum},
Apical and basal halves of 3 cm long apical segments of in vitro cultured juvenile, adult and rejuvenated Sequoia sempervirens shoots were analyzed for total and tyrosine phosphorylated proteins. The latter was detected by a phosphotyrosine specific antibody. Younger tissues, or the apical halves of shoot terminals, showed larger amounts of 36, 44, 46 kDa proteins and lesser amounts of 29 kDa proteins. These are proposed as age-related changes. Phase-related proteins were also evident. Adult… CONTINUE READING


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