Phase analysis of superconducting polycrystalline MgB(2).


Superconducting MgB(2) ceramics were prepared and yield superconducting transition temperatures of about 39 K. For covering the various length scales on which inhomogeneities appear in MgB(2), electron-probe micro-analysis (EPMA) and analytical transmission electron microscopy (TEM) were applied for a phase analysis. Particularly useful were the preliminary… (More)


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@article{Eyidi2003PhaseAO, title={Phase analysis of superconducting polycrystalline MgB(2).}, author={D. Eyidi and O.. Eibl and Thomas Wenzel and Klaus Georg Nickel and Mauro Giovannini and Adriana Saccone}, journal={Micron}, year={2003}, volume={34 2}, pages={85-96} }