Phase Selection Heuristics for Satisfiability Solvers


In general, a SAT Solver based on conflict-driven DPLL consists of variable selection, phase selection, Boolean Constraint Propagation, conflict analysis, clause learning and its database maintenance. Optimizing any part of these components can enhance the performance of a solver. This paper focuses on optimizing phase selection. Although the ACE (Approximation of the Combined lookahead Evaluation) weight is applied to a lookahead SAT solver such as March, so far, no conflictdriven SAT solver applies successfully the ACE weight, since computing the ACE weight is time-consuming. Here we apply the ACE weight to partial phase selection of conflict-driven SAT solvers. This can be seen as an improvement of the heuristic proposed by Jeroslow-Wang (1990). We incorporate the ACE heuristic and the existing phase selection heuristics in the new solver MPhaseSAT, and select a phase heuristic in a way similar to portfolio methods. Experimental results show that adding the ACE heuristic can improve the conflict-driven solvers. Particularly on application instances, MPhaseSAT with the ACE heuristic is significantly better than MPhaseSAT without the ACE heuristic, and even can solve a few SAT instances that remain unsolvable so far.

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