Phase-Oriented Treatment of Structural Dissociation in Complex Traumatization: Overcoming Trauma-Related Phobias

  title={Phase-Oriented Treatment of Structural Dissociation in Complex Traumatization: Overcoming Trauma-Related Phobias},
  author={Kathy Steele and O. van der Hart and E. Nijenhuis},
  journal={Journal of Trauma & Dissociation},
  pages={11 - 53}
  • Kathy Steele, O. van der Hart, E. Nijenhuis
  • Published 2005
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of Trauma & Dissociation
  • ABSTRACT The theory of structural dissociation of the personality proposes that patients with complex trauma-related disorders are characterized by a division of their personality into different prototypical parts, each with its own psychobiological underpinnings. As one or more “apparently normal” parts (ANPs), patients have a propensity toward engaging in evolutionary prepared action systems for adaptation to daily living to guide their actions. Two or more “emotional” parts (EPs) are fixated… CONTINUE READING
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