Phase-Mapper: An AI Platform to Accelerate High Throughput Materials Discovery

  title={Phase-Mapper: An AI Platform to Accelerate High Throughput Materials Discovery},
  author={Yexiang Xue and Junwen Bai and Ronan Le Bras and Brendan Rappazzo and Richard Bernstein and Johan Bjorck and Liane Longpre and Santosh K. Suram and R. Bruce van Dover and John M. Gregoire and Carla P. Gomes},
High-throughput materials discovery involves the rapid synthesis, measurement, and characterization of many different but structurally related materials. A central problem in materials discovery, the phase map identification problem, involves the determination of the crystal structure of materials from materials composition and structural characterization data. We present Phase-Mapper, a novel solution platform that allows humans to interact with both the data and products of AI algorithms… CONTINUE READING
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