Phase II study of high-dose ifosfamide in hepatocellular carcinoma


A phase II study of high-dose ifosfamide in hepatocellular carcinoma was conducted among 17 Chinese patients. The dose of ifosfamide used was 2.5 g/m2 daily given as a continuous infusion for 5 days. In all, 15 patients were evaluable for tumour response. There was no complete or partial responder. The treatment was well tolerated. The most frequent toxicity was alopecia, which occurred in 11 patients, and 5 patients developed mild haematological toxicity. There was no evidence of liver or bladder toxicity. Overall, 14 patients were evaluable for survival. The median survival was 92 days (range, 30–568 days). We conclude that high-dose ifosfamide is well tolerated but ineffective in hepatocellular carcinoma in Chinese patients.

DOI: 10.1007/BF00685682

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