Phase II radioimmunotherapy trial with131I-CC49 in colorectal cancer

  title={Phase II radioimmunotherapy trial with131I-CC49 in colorectal cancer},
  author={James Murray and Daniel J. Macey and L. P. Kasi and Paula Trahan Rieger and J. Cunningham and Viju A Bhadkamkar and Han Zhang and Jeffrey Schlom and Michael G. Rosenblum and Donald A. Podoloff},
  volume={73 3 Suppl},
BACKGROUND Radiolabeled CC49, a second generation high affinity monoclonal antibody (MoAb) reactive with tumor-associated glycoprotein 72 (TAG72) has undergone previous Phase I testing in patients with colon cancer. Based on this report, the authors treated 15 refractory metastatic colon cancer patients with 131I-CC49 to determine its overall toxicity and the response to therapy of patients treated with it. METHODS Patients received 75 mCi/m2 131I-CC49 (20 mg MoAb) intravenously for a period… CONTINUE READING


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